Expert Group Meetings

Energy Security in Egypt

Date : 9/15/2014

Speakers : Groups of Experts

This expert group meeting discussed the topic for the "Policy Review Article" being prepared by ECES. Specifically, the meeting discussed the following energy policy questions:

  • What are the fiscal implications of subsidy reform? Will the government continue at the current pace, and what is the foreseen time span for reforms?
  • What are the expected inflationary implications of the current subsidy removal program?
  • If supply of energy falls short of foreseen energy demand, how will this hinder growth?
  • How can we capture the cost of the current and foreseen energy mix on growth?


  • Dr. Bruno Carre (CEO and Managing Director of Suez Cement),
  • Dr. Tamer Abou Bakr (Head of the Committee on Energy, The Federation of Egyptian Industries,
  • Dr. Mohamed El-Sobki (Professor of Electric Power Systems - Cairo University / Director - Energy Research Center, Energy Advisor – Environics, Environment and Development Advisors),
  • Ms. Sarah Al-Nashar, Economist, World Bank Egypt,
  • Mr. Yasser Sherif (Managing Director, Environics, Environment and Development Advisors),
  • Mr. Ayman Korra (Chairman and CEO, Consukorra),
  • Ms. Amina Taha (PICO),
  • Mr. Mohamed Shoeib (Managing Director, Al-Qalaa Holdings)
  • Mr. Sherif El Diwany, Executive Director, ECES
  • Dr. Omneia Helmy, Director of Research, ECES
  • Dr. Iman Al-Ayouty, Senior Economist, ECES
  • Ms. Nadine Abdel Raouf, Research Analyst, ECES