• Evaluation : July-December 2013 (46.7)

    Expectation : January-June 2014 (55.3)

  • 6- What If  both productivity and social justice criteria are taken into account when setting minimum wages?
    The difference between minimum wage in Upper Egypt and Cairo will not exceed 2 percent.

    Source: Kandil and Helmy (2012).


    5- What If Egypt performed better on “Basic Requirements” in the Global Competitiveness Report?
    The country would have scored 3.93 on the overall index instead of 3.60, placing it 90/144 like Jordan—one of the best Arab country performers.

    Source: ECES calculations based on data from the Global Competitiveness Report (2014/2015).



    4- What If the government had applied a one-time subsidy removal instead of a 5 year transition plan for removing subsidy? Diesel price per liter would have become 4 LE instead of 1.80 LE with an increase of 264 percent.

    Source: ECES calculations based on the MOF August Bulletin (2014)

    3- What If investment in labor-intensive manufacturing activities increases by 1 percent?
    Employment in the manufacturing industry will increase by 1.8 percent, which amounts to approximately 19,000 job opportunities.

    Source: Helmy and Al-Ayouty (2014) derived from calculations based on manufacturing employment data for 2011



    2- What If Egypt implements a nuclear technology program to overcome its electric dilemma and meet the increasing electricity demand by 2015? Nuclear energy will generate 4 percent of countrywide electricity supply by 2017 progressing to 15 percent by 2050 in order for this technology to be deemed economically feasible.

    Source: Selim (2009).




    1- What If Egypt were to improve its performance in the “Basic Requirements” pillar of the Global Competitiveness Report to match that of the best Arab country performer, i.e., the United Arab Emirates? The country's 2014/15 competitiveness score will increase from 3.60 to 4.60 and its ranking would jump from its current 119th place to the 34th out of 144 countries.

    Source: ECES calculations based on data from the Global Competitiveness Report (2014/2015).